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Improve Security and Efficiency

Controlling access to your organization’s resources is now more important than ever, and it’s also more challenging. At eMentum, we understand the complexity and significance of each aspect of identity management and how it plays a critical role in today’s business and security operations. Our experienced identity management consultants deliver actionable insights concerning the policies, standards, processes and technology solutions that work together to provide comprehensive security. You will become empowered with these insights to make the decisive actions needed to improve security and access control while achieving the key business objectives of lower administrative costs, an integrated operational environment and increased productivity.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Identity Management System:

  • Secure your organization by simplifying the administration of user identity and access controls
  • Improve efficiency by reducing redundancy for vetting and onboarding individuals and administering multiple passwords and logins to access different applications
  • Improve interoperability, information sharing, and open up new opportunities by increasing access to data and systems from outside your organization
  • Provide compliance with various information security controls and auditing of user activity

Identity Management Encompasses More Than Just Technology

An organization that approaches identity management as simply a technological matter fails to address the full suite of issues. At eMentum, our trusted advisors work to identify your strategic goals and begin by developing a plan that suits your organization’s needs. Our identity management approach incorporates a strong governance model with participation from key stakeholders across the enterprise in all business units. We then leverage advanced technologies to provide customized solutions that improve current processes and are scalable to support future growth and workflow changes and evolving business requirements. This approach ensures that technology works to support specific objectives and that there is total buy-in across the organization to maintain consistency and a smooth integration.

Monitor and Control User Access with eMentum’s Identity Management Solutions

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