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Improve Your Security Systems to Protect Critical Information

At eMentum, we realize the importance of comprehensive secure solutions that are aligned with government and industry’s standards and in sync with technological advancements. That is why our experienced consultants can help you balance risks and business requirements to support efficient and resilient operations. A well-executed, secure solution protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and systems from internal and external threats whether from determined attackers or well-intentioned insiders. And a comprehensive secure solution is essential to compliance with legal requirements and avoidance of financial, reputational, and competitive losses.

At eMentum, we’ll provide you with an end-to-end view of your security requirements, and operations, and identify risk-based solutions integrated across the personnel, logical and physical environments and align with your business goals. We provide security programs and solutions that allow you to leverage real-time information, enabling rapid response to and threats while supporting efficient governance, compliance and control. Maintaining continuity of operations during periods of elevated risk is essential to protecting assets and our understanding of today’s dynamic threat environment and the latest methods of continuous diagnostics and monitoring allows us to create flexible and sustainable security programs.

Benefits of Comprehensive Secure Solutions:

  • Consolidate disparate security systems into an integrated infrastructure, allowing dependable management of access to information, systems and facilities
  • Comply with federal security policy as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and other national security policy related sources
  • Coordinate operations across previously disparate organizational environments, allowing for secure information exchanges at multiple information sensitivity levels between internal organizational units, external partners, other federal agencies, and the public

Combining Strategy, Personnel and Processes to Improve Security

We understand that security cannot solely rely on a technical solution, but must be combined with necessary strategy, personnel and processes for effective and efficient mission delivery. Through planning and implementation we provide program management support and technical subject matter expertise for a smooth, sustainable, easily measured and compliant security solution. Our integrated approach to security provides you with the most effective strategy, transforming organizations, operations, information, applications and technology.

We jumpstart your security transformation efforts by leveraging our policy, business and technology expertise. Our trusted and experienced advisors focus on your specific goals and objectives, and customize our methodologies accordingly. We accelerate security programs with a clear, consistent purpose and focus and by actively managing our clients’ risk exposure.

Don’t Wait, Start Securing Sensitive Data Now

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