eMentum Helps DOJ Successfully Deploy Identity Management Systems for Maximum Security, Full Compliance & Operational Efficiency


Two Constitution Square is a 12 story, 636,000 square foot, building that occupies 1,700 full time workers in Washington, D.C. The Two Constitution Square building is categorized as a high security level facility requiring 24×7 security guard presence and 100% electronic identity perimeter access. The building hosts a dozen secure compartmentalized information facilities (SCIF) as well as the U.S. National Central Bureau INTERPOL headquarters.


Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are key components of the overall security capability of federal agencies and commercial enterprises as they seek to protect their information, property, employees, and stakeholders. The installation of required physical security controls to mitigate vulnerabilities is essential to employee occupancy and conduct of official government business.

eMentum, under their HSPD-12 IDMS contract, was engaged by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide subject matter expertise and oversight for the acquisition, installation, and certification and accreditation (C&A) of physical security controls, intrusion detection, and CCTV video surveillance for DOJ’s Two Constitution Square building. eMentum performed market research, requirements definition, and solicitation activities that included writing the statement of work, facilitation of bidder conferences, and vendor bidder evaluation.

Post award, eMentum governed the project by performing security installation schedule and oversight, communications with stakeholders, migration of DOJ personnel ICAM data, and tailoring of commercial off the shelf software applications to meet the unique DOJ business requirements. eMentum developed JAVA-based software application services for the DOJ Security and Emergency Staff to automatically synchronize identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) data between the CCure 9000 PACS based system at Two Constitution Square, the Criminal Division PACS, and the legacy Monitor Dynamics PACS software at other DOJ facilities in the DC Capitol Region . ICAM changes made by security agents at several ID and Credentialing offices in the DOJ National Capitol Region are detected automatically, and the updated ICAM data is distributed to appropriate PACS facilities.

Business Impact:

eMentum successfully oversaw the implementation of all security features, effectively securing Two Constitution Square. The Two Constitution Square PACS Project was completed on time and under budget. eMentum was recognized by the Department of Justice for providing exemplary service to secure the facility in a timely and thorough manner. The software developed by eMentum enhanced PACS building security and met the business requirements of DOJ while eliminating the need for increased administration staff. eMentum continues to provide ongoing PACS maintenance and operations support for Two Constitution Square.

Quick Facts:

  • DOJ needed to provide an HSPD-12 and FIPS 201 compliant physical access control system (PACS), intrusion detection, and CCTV surveillance at its new Two Constitution Square facility.
  • eMentum provided management and technology services to bridge the gap with traditional PACS integration by installing and connecting security control devices, and integrating these systems with existing business processes, which requires key capabilities around IT project management and IT customization.
  • eMentum established the project management office to govern the requirements, market research, solicitation and acquisition, and implementation phases.
  • eMentum developed JAVA-based software application services to synchronize identity, credential, and access management data between the CCure 9000 PACS based solution using a Monitor Dynamics PACS based solution.
  • eMentum developed a JAVA-based application to facilitate garage parking authorization and authentication used at the Two Constitution Square, Liberty Square, and Robert F. Kennedy buildings in the DOJ DC Capitol Region.