Terp Business Leaders React to University of Maryland’s Conference Shift

November 19, 2012 –¬†eMentum’s CEO, Carolyn Merek, speaks to Washington Business Journal on the potential business impact of the University of Maryland moving from the Atlantic Coast Conference to the Big 10.

“I’m more upset as a former college athlete who loves the ACC and all the rivalry and camaraderie that comes along with it. I am a local entrepreneur but I don’t see this impacting my IT consulting business.

It’s hard sometimes to understand the business justification and rationale behind change unless you’re involved. I’m a big UMD fan, and my daughter is currently in attendance, so I was in attendance at a football game just a couple of weeks ago.

I know UMD has had to cut several athletic programs recently, and I hate to see that more than I fret a potential move to the Big Ten.”

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